Nissan Forklift Launches 2012 Equity Partner Program

Designed for dealerships of different sizes, markets and types, EPP helps dealerships grow their businesses . . .

MARENGO, Ill. – August 2012 – Nissan Forklift Corporation launched its 2012 Equity Partner Program, known as EPP, on April 1.

EPP is Nissan Forklift’s incentive-laden discount program that rewards Nissan Forklift dealers for their level of commitment to promote and sell its products. Designed for dealerships of different sizes, markets and types, EPP helps dealerships grow their businesses.

The program was originally introduced in 2011 to provide dealers with the opportunity to accumulate discounts for new unit and parts sales to ensure they are more competitive in the markets they serve. Through the program, dealers also earn rebates on Nissan Forklift brand trucks and parts.

The 2012 version of EPP features enhancements including the addition of base and bonus discounts for parts, and the inclusion of incentives for applying the principles of Nissan Forklift’s “Service Excellence Program.” A customized online dealer portal was also added to the 2012 EPP. The dealer portal allows participating dealers to track their performance and identify areas where there are opportunities to improve discount levels.

“Nissan Forklift is excited about the 2012 Equity Partner Program,” said James J. Radous III, vice president sales and marketing, Nissan Forklift. “The 2011 program was a success and the additions that we’ve made to this year’s program will only build on that.”

About Nissan Forklift Corporation

Nissan Forklift Corporation designs, manufactures and supports a complete line of material handling equipment that delivers features resulting in greater dependability, higher productivity and lower operational costs. Headquartered in Marengo, Ill., Nissan Forklift has a network of more than 100 authorized dealerships with over 225 locations across North, South and Latin America, as well as additional worldwide locations.

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