NetPlus Alliance Introduces Training Initiative

The new training campaign encompasses various initiatives, ranging from online webinars to hands-on tool trainings co-sponsored by NetPlus suppliers.

Lockport, NY – Following their 2014 Annual Meeting in March, NetPlus Alliance initiated a “Take Time to Train” campaign. The campaign encompasses various initiatives, ranging from online webinars to hands-on tool trainings co-sponsored by NetPlus suppliers. In all cases, the goal is to provide Net Plus Alliance distributors with the tools they need to grow their business, engage with new NetPlus suppliers, and increase their profitability.

One training initiative introduced by NetPlus is a series of webinars designed for both product and service suppliers to connect with distributor members.  The service supplier webinar series has featured useful information about e-commerce and website development, whereas the product supplier webinar series presents key knowledge about products, as well as valuable information about NetPlus programs.  Through the webinars, NetPlus works directly with suppliers to communicate the advantage of programs offered through the group.

Several NetPlus suppliers have participated in the webinar series and have begun to recognize some of the benefits.  Describing the benefits of the webinar series, Ed Laabs, Director of Sales and Marketing for Airmaster Fan, stated: “The NetPlus webinars provide value and are now a part of our direct marketing strategy.  This format keeps our brand message in front of key decision makers at distribution.  It also encourages NetPlus distributor engagement, training, growth programs, and incentives.  As a result, Airmaster Fan has seen an increase in opportunity from the NetPlus membership that did not exist prior to the webinar.  We look forward to adding new channel partners by utilizing the NetPlus product supplier webinar series.”

In addition to the product and service supplier webinar series, NetPlus also offers a variety of webinars on a wide range of topics, such as industry trends, the functionality of and navigation through the NetPlus portal, as well as marketing and social media.  Last month, Jennifer Murphy, NetPlus President, was a panelist on a webinar with Industrial Distribution titled “The Future of the Independent,” which explored several trends in the industry.  More recently, Zachary Brado, NetPlus Marketing Manager, hosted a webinar on marketing and social media, which provided helpful advice about increasing brand presence through social media, Google, and website design and development.

NetPlus supplier, JPW Industries, will kick off the hands-on tool training initiative.  JPW Industries, the parent company of JET Tools, Powermatic, and Wilton, will offer two training sessions, featuring specialized hands-on training for NetPlus distributor personnel.  These sessions will take place over the course of a couple of days in August and October at the company’s state-of-the-art training center in Nashville, Tennessee, which is fully equipped with machinery and industrial products.  This is an opportunity for NetPlus members to receive hands-on training with key members of the JPW Product Teams.

Another training initiative offered by NetPlus is the regional meeting and training at Lenox Tools’ facility.  These regional meetings, which started in 2013, are where distributors can meet, plan, and most importantly, grow their businesses at the local level.  This year, NetPlus is launching a “hybrid” regional meeting that consists of one day of product training and a tour of the supplier facility, followed by a full day of member appointments with suppliers.  Lenox Tools will be hosting this “hybrid” regional meeting, and NetPlus is excited to announce that more “hybrid” events are in the works for the future.

Founded in 2002, NetPlus Alliance brings industrial and contractor supplies distributors of all sizes together to improve net profit, share best practices and open doors to new opportunities. Through its strong marketing programs, NetPlus Alliance works to steer distributor purchases to its actively growing list of suppliers, which currently includes over 155 manufacturers, wholesalers, and business service suppliers. For additional information contact Zach Brado at (716) 438-2014 or visit

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