ID's Top 5 Of The Week

While major industrial distribution news over the past seven days was on the slow side compared to recent weeks', this installment is stocked full of thought leadership pieces, and the first installment of our 68th Survey of Distributor Operations.

​While major news over the past seven days was on the slow side compared to the majority of April and prior May, this week's top items were stocked full of thought leadership pieces and the first installment of our 68th Survey of Distributor Operations.

Here's this week's Top 5:

The Perfect Combination of Selling Skills: Sales guru Tom Reilly of discusses how the twin skill set of probing and listening are the perfect diet for successful salespeople. The good news is that these skill sets can be taught and learned.

Q&A: DGI Supply COO Talks New E-Commerce Website: At the ISA convention April 25-27 in Cleveland, I sat down with DGI Supply COO Bill Henricks for an exclusive interview to talk about the company's new e-commerce platform and most recent acquisition.

Jack Keough: U.S. Manufacturing Making A Comeback: ID contributing editor Jack Keough discusses the state of America's Reshoring Initiative to bring back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.

Put A Dollar Sign Next To Your Service Value: SKF USA Vice President of Special Projects Bill Moore details a largely unused tactical weapon for industrial distributors to fight back against bid-and-buy practices, calls to do more with less, and demands for ever-lower pricing. It's called the dollar sign.

The 68th Survey of Distributor Operations: Demographics: In the first of our seven-part annual survey installment, we establish a profile of survey respondents based on company size, years in business, sales volume, and product line. It tells who, what, and where our audience is.

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