Corporate Profile: Brush Research Manufacturing

Brush Research is a privately owned company located in Los Angeles, California. They have been in the business of solving difficult finishing problems with brushing technology since 1958. BRM was one of the first companies to advocate the critical need for finer surface finishes to optimize performance. Concepts such as plateau finishing were pioneered by their founder, Steve Rands, and are now commonplace goals across many industries.

Brush Research believes in creating the best. That goes for their products and services. As founder Steve Rands said, "Nothing improves until someone stops and questions an accepted assumption."

Brush Research Manufacturing is committed to meeting and/or exceeding customer requirements and expectations in providing a quality product on a timely basis, and continually improving the effectiveness of their quality management system. Brush Research Manufacturing is proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.

The popular Flex-Hone® Tool from BRM is a perfect solution for many finishing, de-burring, and edge-bending needs. Available in a variety of sizes and abrasive types, the honing tools use a flexible honing process to provide superior surface finish on any base material. The flex hones are unlike any other honing tool because it produces an unmatched controlled surface condition. Browse the selection online to find the appropriate flex hone tool for your application.

Brush Research Manufacturing also carries a large selection of abrasive nylon cup brushes, solid end, twisted in wire and wheel brushes. These brushes are best suited for cleaning, de-burring, polishing and surface finishing applications. BRM also offers abrasive pads and discs, which are tear resistant and can be used with most solvents. All standard and custom brush products are available in a wide variety of sizes, grits and abrasive types. 

With their many years of experience as brush manufacturers, BRM knows that sometimes an application calls for brush tools with specific requirements. Because of this, they offer custom industrial brushes and brush tools. Their brush tools include the original Flex-Hone® tool, strip brushes, twisted in wire brushes and more. BRM can create custom brush tools for any application.

In addition to selling domestically, BRM exports products globally by working with an extensive network of distributors. Their tools can be found in manufacturing plants and service shops across the globe. Brush Research exports its products globally by working with an extensive network of distributors. From Norway to Australia and from Brazil to Japan, they can help get the right tool in your hands. They have distributors able to help you implement their trademarked and patented (or patent pending) solutions in just about every industrialized nation in the world.

Brush Research helps everyone speak the language of high quality.

Member of the American Brush Manufacturers Association and the Industrial Supply Association.

Phone: 323-261-2193


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