Chicago, IL - Already recognized as a successful producer of full service book writing, creative, and publishing services, Round Table Companies now offers speaking services from its engaging and influential cadre of authors to corporations, organizations, and groups.

Round Table Companies (RTC), which began in 2006 as a writing company, exists to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire, says founder and president Corey Michael Blake.  The company's emphasis has always been on sharing stories that change lives.  As a result, it partnered with first time and experienced authors who had powerful messages to share through books, comics, and documentary style video work.

Now RTC authors are ready to amplify their authentic, meaningful, and transformational messages to organizations in search of inspiration.  Through the Round Table Companies Speakers Bureau, RTC authors will be taking their stories off the pages and onto the road through keynotes, workshops, seminars, and book signings.

"Our clients have amazing stories that propel their work as change agents, and they are all naturally gifted speakers," Blake explains. "Because we support them beyond their book writing and into growing their brands, we recognized that founding a speakers bureau that delivered provocative and vulnerable storytellers was an inevitable decision for RTC," he says.

From straight-talking business advice on how corporations can succeed in the new knowledge economy to inspirational stories of finding success against the odds of poverty, gang influence or abuse to charting a journey for introspection and interpersonal development, each speaker brings distinct expertise and compelling insights that resonates with audiences.

Authors from the RTC Speakers Bureau include:

  • Devin Hughes, author of Contrast: A Biracial Man's Journey to Desegregate His Past, and Self-Talk: A Child's Bullet Proof Vest Against Emotional Gunfire, who speaks to a wide variety of audiences to help them access their potential for change.
  • Bruce Hodes, business consultant and former psychotherapist, whose book Front Line Heroes provides concrete steps organizations can take to develop and grow in changing times.
  • Doug Luffborough, whose upcoming book Homeless to Harvard uses his experience in overcoming obstacles to help nonprofit managers develop leadership, communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Carmen Blandin Tarleton, whose forthcoming book Overcome details the strength and resiliency she developed-initially just to survive but ultimately to blossom after a horrific attack.
  • Paul Glover, "recovering employment attorney" and long-time business coach, who coined the term WorkQuake of the Knowledge Economy and offers his unique insights and tools to implement organizational change.
  • Corey Michael Blake, a creative communicator, author, publisher, and founder of RTC who offers a fresh approach to growing a company's culture as well as presentations for writers and would be authors.
  • Robert J. Renteria, Jr., a successful businessman turned multi award-winning author of From the Barrio to the Boardroom, Mi Barrio, and Little Barrio, who is using his books with youth across America to replace violence, delinquency, gangs and drugs with education, pride, accomplishment, and self esteem.  
  • Professional trainers, facilitators, and speakers Chris and Richelle Powers, whose unique approach shows how employing emotional intelligence skills improve teamwork and interpersonal communications.
  • Author of Living with Rage: A Quest for Solace, and Domestic Violence advocate Angelica Harris, whose inspirational message encourages others to unleash their inner power even in the face of adversity.

"RTC has a love and specialty in the work they do, and they do it in an engaging, warm, and professional manner," says author and speaker Doug Luffborough.  "My story offers audience members an opportunity to not let their past punish their future and to draw upon defining moments in their lives that propel them to the next level."

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