In February, Fastenal Had Its Best Daily Sales Growth In 14 Months

Fastenal's February had year-over-year gains in fastener sales, and sales to non-residential construction customers — each reversing six straight quarters of decline. February was by far the company's best month for daily sales since January 2015.

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Fastenal — No. 10 on Industrial Distribution's Big 50 List â€” reported its February sales results on Monday, led by its strongest year-over-year daily sales gain in 14 months.

The company posted February sales of $324.8 million, up 1.1 percent overall from a year earlier, and up 6.1 percent on a daily sales basis as February 2017 had one fewer selling day than in 2016. It was the largest daily sales gain for Fastenal since January 2015's 12.0 percent. Daily sales hadn't grown by more than 3.9 percent until this past month.

According to the company's fiscal sales reports, February's daily sales of $16.24 million was the highest monthly total in company history.

February marked eight straight months of year-over-year daily sales growth for Fastenal, continuing a healthy start to 2017. Here's how the past 13 months of the company's daily sales growth have looked like: 

  • February 2017: +6.1 percent
  • January 2017: +3.8 percent
  • December 2016: +3.2 percent
  • November 2016: +1.2 percent
  • October 2016: +3.9 percent
  • September 2016: +2.8 percent
  • August 2016: +0.3 percent
  • July 2016: +2.1 percent
  • June 2016: 0.0 percent
  • May 2016: +1.1 percent
  • April 2016: +3.8 percent
  • March 2016: 0.0 percent
  • February 2016: +2.6 percent

The company's February sales to manufacturing customers grew by 6.3 percent, while sales to non-residential construction customers grew by 6.2 percent — a reversal from six straight quarters of non-res construction decline, as well as January. In January, sales to manufacturing customers grew 4.7 percent, while non-res construction sales declined 0.1 percent.

Fastenal's February daily sales of fasteners grew by 1.5 percent year-over-year, a reversal from six straight quarters of decline, along with January. Meanwhile, all other sales grew by 9.1 percent. In January, fastener sales declined by 1.9 percent, while all other sales grew by 7.1 percent.

Fastenal opened two stores in February and didn't close any, the same as January. Its total store count of 2,507 is down 4.8 percent year-over-year. In 2016, the company closed or consolidated 144 stores and opened 40.

The company ended February with a total headcount of 19,782, essentially flat compared to January. There were no notable monthly changes to employment figures.

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