E-Procurement, MRO Management Provider Tofino Adds Amazon Business Integration

Integrating e-procurement with MRO management and CMMS capabilities, Tofino provides users with direct access to Amazon Business.

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WEST VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Tofino Software, an e-procurement and MRO management software company, on Tuesday announced integration with Amazon Business.

Tofino's direct punchout to Amazon Business simplifies ordering while managing approvals after checkout to ensure spend control and visibility. When integrated with ERPs such as SAP, Infor, and Microsoft Dynamics, Tofino transfers cost and inventory data. Tofino's integrated e-Procurement and MRO management solution reduces effort and ensures both accuracy and control throughout the purchasing journey.

Straightforward site-based pricing ensures Tofino is accessible by all enterprise users. A recently released iOS and Android mobile app delivers user choice on how they want to connect to Tofino. Coupled with an easy-to-learn interface, Tofino empowers users to make purchases to get their jobs done while reinforcing business rules and approvals.

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"Integrating Amazon into Tofino has been a huge asset to my job. Order entry is so much easier, as it pulls information directly from Amazon into the purchase order copy, reducing typing and calculation errors. The process flows very smoothly and has reduced my order entry time substantially," says Ross Dreiblatt, Procurement Director, City Furniture.

Tofino's customers include manufacturing, distribution, retail, construction, healthcare, and facility management. As an integrated Smart Procurement, MRO Management and CMMS/EAM solution, Tofino is core to our customers' operational processes, delivering efficiency to both operations and purchasing teams.

For more information about Tofino, visit www.tofinosoftware.com.

For over a decade Tofino has been helping both distributors' customers and our direct customers optimize operations with real-time spend and inventory visibility. Tofino's solution delivers frictionless purchasing interactions through punchout, point-of-use procurement, automated inventory replenishment, digital approvals, and electronic POs. Our customers benefit from an integrated e-commerce, MRO and OOE platform, providing real-time spend visibility, approvals and KPI reporting. Tofino eliminates organizational silos to help companies achieve operational excellence while controlling spend.

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