Distributor E-Commerce Provider Billtrust Adds AI-Based Product Recommendations

Billtrust solution Second Phase, a provider of B2B e-commerce for distributors, has added AI-based automatic product recommendations to their web store offering.


LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ β€” Second Phase, a Billtrust solution and the provider of B2B e-commerce for wholesale distribution companies, has added artificial-intelligence Billtruste(AI)-based automatic product recommendations to their web store offering, creating upselling and cross-selling opportunities to drive sales, as well as a differentiated customer experience.

Using past buying behavior to predict related or more cost-effective products, companies buying online from wholesale distributors will now see recommendations helping them save time and improve their buying experience. In addition, web store administrators can easily configure recommendations to boost or exclude products based on promotions, seasonality or other situations.

"Automatic Product Recommendations helps distributors selling online to maximize product exposure and increase sales while offering a differentiated and superior customer experience at a price point any distributor can afford,'' said Mark Kostovny, Group President, Second Phase at Billtrust. "Along with seamless ERP integration and unlimited SKU capacity, our AI-based web store solution provides the ideal beginning to the B2B order-to-cash process that is unique to Billtrust customers." 

Second Phase, a Billtrust solution, provides B2B sellers with e-commerce capabilities and web stores offering their customers an optimized experience. Configurable and seamlessly integrated with existing ERPs, Second Phase-designed web stores drive businesses further and serve customers 24/7 while remaining cost-effective with turnkey solutions to totally custom builds. Acquired by Billtrust in 2019, Second Phase's offerings represent the first step in the order-to-cash process.

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