Amazon Business Exceeds 45K Sellers, Expands To Germany

Amazon has made public its number of Amazon Business sellers for the first time, and has begun international expansion to two countries.

E-commerce giant Amazon shared some updated facts and figures about its  sellers in a press release Wednesday, including the number of Amazon Business sellers and customers, while it also shared global expansion news.

The company said Amazon Business now has more than 45,000 different sellers, the first time it has released that figure since the venture launched in late April of 2015.

Amazon also restated that it has more than 400,000 Amazon Business customers, a figure that it shared after completing its 2016 second quarter in June. The company reported having 200,000 Amazon Business customers on Jan. 1, 2016, and 300,000 in early May, meaning the business is adding about 100,000 customers per quarter. Also in May, the company reported that Amazon Business topped $1 billion in sales in its first 12 months and that customer purchases were growing at a rate of 20 percent each month.

Amazon's Wednesday press release also stated that Amazon Business has made its first international expansion by launching in Germany, while Mashable reported Thursday that it has expanded to India.

This past September, reports surfaced that Amazon Business chief executive Prentis Wilson identified Grainger β€” No. 3 on ID's Big 50 List β€” and Staples as two biggest rivals.



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