Voxware Introduces Cloud-Based Voice Solution

This cloud-based voice software enhances operational productivity, improves accuracy, and allows companies to better serve their customers without investing in costly IT infrastructure . . .

Robust voice solution helps organizations significantly elevate their operations and enhance the customer experience with minimal IT resources

Hamilton, NJ Voxware, a leading provider of voice solutions, today introduced Cloud Voice Management Suite (VMS), a cloud-based voice software solution that empowers organizations to enhance operational productivity, improve accuracy, and better serve their customers without investing in costly IT infrastructure. The benefits of this new offering include:

  • Ease of use: Users do not need technical expertise to employ Cloud VMS – they simply complete a questionnaire before receiving a ready-to-deploy product
  • No IT Overhead: Cloud VMS can run without an IT infrastructure, eliminating costs associated with server hardware, maintenance, and IT personnel
  • Time-to-Value: The delivery time is significantly shorter than the fastest full-fledged voice solution  
  • Future-proof: Users receive automatic software updates, as well as hardware refreshes, to ensure they are always leveraging the latest technologies
  • No WMS Necessary: Small operations that run without a WMS can now realize the benefits of a voice solution
  • Straightforward SaaS Model: This model guarantees that users get what they pay for, without any hidden fees or peripheral maintenance costs

For more information, please visit www.voxware.com.

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