Here Are The Top USPS Suppliers Of 2016

FedEx topped Husch Blackwell's annual USPS Top Suppliers list for a 15th straight year by a wide margin, while Grainger was the only industrial distributor to make the list.

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Business services firm Husch Blackwell has published its annual Top 150 U.S. Postal Service Suppliers list, which shows the companies with the largest supplier relationship with the USPS.

David Hendel, a partner in the firm’s Technology, Manufacturing, and Transportation group, and leader of the firm’s Postal Contracting team, has compiled the list of top USPS suppliers annually since 1999. The list is based on data received in response to Freedom of Information Act requests, covers the fiscal 2016 period that ended Sept. 30.

Husch Blackwell said that USPS spent more than $14 billion on outside purchases in 2016, with about half of that for transportation. With that, transportation contractors dominate the top of the list, comprising half of the top 10. Technology companies filled the other four spots in the top 10.

FedEx topped the list, as it has every year since 2002. Its $1.68 billion in USPS payments received were a $300 million increase from a year earlier. UPS was 11th at $169.0 million.

Here are the top 10 USPS suppliers of 2016:



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Here's where notable manufacturers, distributors and retailers checked in on the list:

33. Lockheed Martin - $61.9 million (ranked 75th in 2015)

39. W.W. Grainger - $51.0 million (32nd in 2015)

49. Siemens - $41.3 million (45th in 2015)

57. Honeywell - $35.4 million (3rd in 2015)

58. Goodyear Tire & Rubber - $34.8 million

67. Staples - $29.0 million

95. OfficeMax - $20.6 million

96. Ford Motor Company - $20.6 million

145. Raytheon - $12.3 million

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