U.S. Logistics & Transportation Survey Finds Strong Optimism on Economy, Hiring, Revenue & Profits

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HENDERSON, NV — The U.S. Logistics and Transportation industry is highly optimistic regarding the U.S. economy and their company prospects over the next three months, according to a survey by TCompanies.

"The survey numbers confirm what we have been feeling for some time in the logistics and transportation industry — overall, things are going very well,” said Tom Burke, CEO of TCompanies. "And while there is a great amount of optimism, there are cautionary concerns with inflationary pressures as a majority plan to increase pricing and pass costs on to customers in the next three months."

Here is a summary of the key results of the survey:

US Economy

“With regard to the US economy over the next quarter, would say that you are:”

  • Optimistic — 73.71%
  • Neutral — 18.29%
  • Pessimistic — 8.00%

Company Hiring

“With regard to hiring at your company in the coming quarter, do you expect that you will:”

  • Hire more people — 64.37%
  • Keep workforce at same level — 30.46%
  • Reduce workforce — 5.17%

Company Revenues

“With regard to revenues at your company over the next quarter, do you expect revenues to:”

  • Increase — 74.86%
  • Stay same — 18.86%
  • Decrease — 6.29%

Company Profitability

“With regard to profitability at your company over the next quarter, do you expect profitability to:”

  • Increase — 67.24%
  • Stay same — 25.29%
  • Decrease — 7.47%

Wage Growth

“With regard to your employee wages over the next quarter, do you expect to:”

  • Increase wages — 38.29%
  • Keep wages the same — 57.71%
  • Lower wages — 4.00%

Pricing of goods/services

“With regard to the pricing for your goods or services over the next quarter, do you expect that you will:”

  • Increase prices — 57.71%
  • Stay the same — 39.43%
  • Decrease prices — 2.86%

Obstacles to growth

“Over the next quarter, your largest obstacle to growth will be:”

  • Workforce shortage — 43.60%
  • Regulatory issues — 18.60%
  • Trade tariffs — 17.44%
  • Access to credit — 8.72%
  • Wage costs — 5.23%
  • Repair expense — 4.07%
  • Energy costs — 2.33%

The survey was conducted during the month of July 2018.

TCompanies has been delivering solutions to the transportation industry for two decades, by providing operational efficiencies, marketing solutions and improved bottom lines for clients. Headquartered in Henderson, NV, TCompanies has offices in eight US cities and 250+ associates. Portfolio companies servicing the transportation industry include Terminal Operations Management, DrayMaster, PEIR, Tires For ContainersComprehensive Incentive Solutions and Capacity Connection

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