Frank Hurtte on How Distributors Are Failing New Sales Talent

What compelled Frank to write "The New Sales Guy Project" and why it's a must-read.

Between e-commerce, pricing pressures, ever-developing products and categories, and the evolution of buyer behavior, even the most experienced sellers can find themselves spinning their wheels.

And if that’s the case for the seasoned vets, how does new talent fare?

Joining the latest "5 Minutes with ID" is Frank Hurtte, an industry veteran with decades of experience in distribution who believes he can offer a solution.

With a passion for nurturing new talent and a dedication to redefining sales success, Hurtte is on a mission to equip the next generation of sales professionals with the tools they need to excel in a rapidly changing world. His experience with new sellers inspired his latest book, β€œThe New Sales Guy Project,” the objective of which takes fresh sellers through the process of gaining traction in their sales careers.

Find Hurtte's book on Amazon here.

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