5 Minutes With ID: DDI System on the Past Year in E-Commerce Adoption

Barbara Jagoe, COO of distribution ERP and e-commerce software provider DDI System, stops by to discuss the challenges companies can face when trying to add e-commerce in a hurry.

DDI System — an ERP & e-commerce software company for distributors — has been providing distributors with ERP solutions for nearly 30 years and has extensive experience with seamlessly integrating e-commerce into distributors’ ERP platforms.

That latter bit has been especially crucial since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as numerous distributors decided to finally get serious about investing in e-commerce. In ID’s recent Survey of Distributor Operations conducted this past April, the amount of respondents who said e-commerce is a priority for them jumped 27 percentage points from a year earlier to 89 percent — by far the highest figure in our survey’s long history. Further, 78 percent said they are currently generating web-based revenue, up from 57% in 2020.

But rapid adoption of e-commerce can be a major challenge for distributors, which are typically slow to add technology. In this episode, I speak with DDI COO Barbara Jagoe about these challenges and the role that ERP integration plays in the process, as well as her general market observations after a tumultuous past 18 months for distributors of all kinds.

Anyone interested in learning more about DDI System and their offerings should visit www.ddisystem.com

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