Electronic Server Cabinet Lock Secures Data & Monitors Physical Access

The server cabinet locks can be scheduled to require Card only, PIN only, or PIN and Card . . .

Ideal solution where servers are co-located in a shared facility

Winston-Salem, NC – Kaba Access Control has expanded its E-Plex® physical access control solutions to include an electronic server cabinet lock that secures and monitors access to individual server cabinet doors. Safeguarding each cabinet door from unauthorized access, as well as knowing when access has been attempted or granted, is critical for organizations that have confidential data stored on servers co-located in shared facilities. E-Plex Electronic Server Cabinet Locks can be integrated with a building’s access control system for ease of management, so authorized users employ the same credential facility-wide according to their defined access privileges. E-Plex Electronic Server Cabinet Locks are compatible with Lenel access control systems, E-Plex Enterprise Software, and FIPS 201 Software. According to Mark Allen, marketing manager, Kaba Access Control, “Our engineering team delivered an incredible amount of flexibility and scalability with the server cabinet lock product line, including broad credential support, optional integration with multiple building access control systems, wireless network configurations, and even a stand-alone option that requires no software.” The server cabinet locks can be scheduled to require Card only, PIN only, or PIN + Card. A “two-man” rule is also available on select models. Credential support includes a variety of RFID smart cards including CAC, PIV, TWIC, FIPS 201, MIFARE™, iCLASS® as well as 125kHz PROX. The lock memory records both authorized user access and unauthorized attempts. This information is delivered to the respective access control system’s “dashboard” in seconds where applicable. Other available features include access schedules, door groups, and emergency lockdown.

For more information on electronic server cabinet locking applications please contact Mark Allen at 336-725-1331 x1350 or [email protected].

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