New Monitoring System Enhances Driver Safety

This innovative new product pairing is helping to move people and products safely and more efficiently . . .

Digital Ally, Inc., a leading provider of fleet video systems used by thousands of companies and governmental entities in all 50 states and around the world, has partnered with ZOLL Data Management, a global company that helps organizations of all sizes optimize their people, processes, and technology. Digital Ally’s Video Event Data Recorders (VEDRs) are now available with ZOLL’s RescueNet Road Safety system to combine the liability protection and post-incident review benefits of video and audio recordings with the safety and operational cost benefits of audible unsafe driving warnings and driver reports. When the RescueNet Road Safety system detects driving that is outside of acceptable parameter ranges, such as excessive speed, rate of acceleration and deceleration, and how the vehicle is driven while cornering, drivers hear an immediate audio warning to take corrective action and the system triggers Digital Ally’s VEDR to record the incident, including a predetermined length of time before the event to capture what caused the unsafe driving. Video and optional audio is recorded for a preset length of time in front of as well as inside the vehicle. This ensures that the entire story is captured while simultaneously protecting drivers’ privacy and drastically reducing storage requirements by not constantly recording.

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