Würth Additive Group Announces Digital Inventory Services

The company says the service can provide parts across the globe in a matter of minutes.

AJ Strandquist, CEO of Würth Additive Group, at AMUG Expo during the DIS Global demo, Chicago, March 2024.
AJ Strandquist, CEO of Würth Additive Group, at AMUG Expo during the DIS Global demo, Chicago, March 2024.

CHICAGO — With the click of a button, Würth Additive Group, part of the larger Würth Group — a global industry leader in fasteners, MRO, and safety equipment — pressed "print" as it announced a new inventory management product, Digital Inventory Services, at the Additive Manufacturer User Group Conference last week.

At the outset of the AMUG Conference, Würth Additive Group unveiled its first global, public-facing print on the newly developed Digital Inventory Services Platform. This groundbreaking service enables the secure transmission of intellectual property to different locations worldwide, ensuring quality assurance checks and controlled distribution.

OEM parts are now sent into the world securely and profitably, all within a matter of minutes.

For the first time, attendees at AMUG — a conference that brings together users of additive manufacturing from around the globe — could appreciate the simplicity with which the additive industry can now integrate its own 3D printing machines, applications, business models, and more, into a true digital supply chain platform.

Luke Cunningham, 3D technician, Würth Additive Group, demonstrating DIS Global at AMUG Expo.Luke Cunningham, 3D technician, Würth Additive Group, demonstrating DIS Global at AMUG Expo.'Always in Stock'

Under the new tagline "Always in Stock," this product announcement underscores the Würth Group's strategic move towards comprehensive digital inventory management systems. These systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with Würth's renowned, vendor-managed inventory programs, systems, and software sold worldwide.

Since its initial venture into additive solutions in 2017, Würth has led the way in incorporating rapid prototyping and production tools into its supply chain management services. The announcement of the Digital Inventory Services by Würth Additive Group represents a significant milestone, offering pilot program customers — those with substantial investments in additive technology — the chance to develop their full-scale digital inventory solutions. These solutions are built from the ground up, leveraging Würth's extensive expertise in vendor-managed inventory programs.

"Managing millions of different SKUs across four continents has equipped me with both the knowledge and firsthand challenges of inventory management. Our experience has demonstrated how digital inventory, complemented by our world-class Vendor Managed Inventory programs, significantly aids our clients directly on the factory floor," said Larry Stevens, executive vice president of Würth Industry for Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Americas. "With the launch of Digital Inventory Services, the Würth Group reaffirms its commitment to providing top-tier physical and digital inventory solutions on a worldwide scale. I extend my congratulations to the Würth Additive Group for their innovative endeavors, which enhance our ability to support our customers globally."

"We're committed to delivering reliable and impactful digital supply chain solutions," said Würth Additive Group CEO AJ Strandquist. "With a straightforward implementation process, cost-effective options, and comprehensive support, our mission is to empower businesses in the industrial sector to leverage digital inventory effectively. Most importantly, our goal is to make global supply chain just a little easier to manage."

Würth's Commitment to Additive Advancement and Community Engagement at AMUG

"We deeply appreciate the Würth Group's significant investment in advancing our next generation of inventory management tools for our customers and their ongoing support in highlighting developments within the additive manufacturing industry," Strandquist said. "Equally, we are indebted to the additive manufacturing community for their invaluable support and continuous feedback throughout our Digital Inventory Services (DIS) development.

"Our decision to announce the DIS at AMUG stems from our desire to introduce a solution that not only serves this community's immediate needs but also fosters the expansion of industry applications, encourages the growth of future users, and creates new revenue opportunities for additive manufacturing intellectual property. We eagerly anticipate engaging further with the community throughout AMUG."

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