Tofino Software Launches Cloud-Based MRO Purchasing Solution

Tofino Cloud provides instant access to distributor catalogs and punchout sites, ensuring end-users can always find and purchase their MRO supplies.

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Tofino Software announced Monday the release of Tofino Cloud, a completely re-engineered version of its real-time MRO purchasing. Tofino Cloud provides MRO procurement, CMMS and supply room management, coupled with vending integration capabilities, making it an ideal choice for distributors looking to offer their customers a truly differentiated solution.

Designed with the distributor in mind, Tofino Cloud provides instant access to distributor catalogs and punchout sites, ensuring end-users can always find and purchase their MRO supplies. Combined with Tofino Cloud’s flexible maintenance management capabilities, distributors will ensure their customers have the MRO inventory required to meet their operational excellence objectives.

“While our users have always found Tofino easy-to-learn, we are pleased to offer an even more intuitive, responsive and customizable solution,” says John Spring, VP of Product Development at Tofino Software. “In addition to superior functionality, we recognize that a superior user experience translates into quick adoption and data accuracy.”

Features and benefits of Tofino Cloud for distributors:

  • Simple, intuitive user interface – fully customizable views provide clear and uncluttered access to data, improving overall visibility to MRO requirements
  • E-commerce enabled – totally integrated access to each distributor’s catalog or punchout site ensures end-users are always able to purchase what they need
  • Automatic replenishment – configurable replenishment rules ensure what the customer requires is automatically ordered as needed
  • Comprehensive reporting – real-time visibility into overall consumption and inventory levels allows end-users to proactively order supplies and avoid stockouts
  • Simple pricing – all-inclusive subscription pricing, unlimited end-user licenses and full customer support included means distributors are able to offer their customer’s a cost-effective and fully supported solution
  • Easy deployment – engineered for the Cloud from the ground up, all application functionality is available from any modern browser on any device capable of reaching the internet, with application deployment handled by Tofino

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Tofino partners with MRO distributors who recognize the path to differentiation and sales growth is to help their end-user customers succeed in their operations. A value-add software offering embeds a distributor in the customer’s maintenance-inventory and operations process, winning both attention and stickiness. For more information about Tofino, visit 

Tofino Software was founded in 2008 on the concept that fully integrated e-commerce capabilities embedded with MRO inventory management and CMMS creates a win-win solution benefiting both distributors and the end-user community. Tofino is deployed at mid-size and Fortune 500 manufacturers and has strategic partnerships with MRO distributors who see value-add programs as a path to both growth and retention.

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