BigCommerce Extends Ecommerce Platform with Launch of New Shipping Solution

The new end-to-end shipping solution is designed to simplify shipping and fulfillment for more than 60,000 merchants using BigCommerce.

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BigCommerce, the leading ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, announced BigCommerce Shipping, a new end-to-end shipping solution designed to simplify shipping and fulfillment for more than 60,000 merchants using BigCommerce. Powered by fulfillment and logistics experts ShipHawk and Parcelcast, BigCommerce Shipping is a completely free solution that will be made available to all BigCommerce customers, giving businesses selling on the platform access to accurate, heavily discounted shipping rates and improved shipping margins, while providing a streamlined system to manage shipments and print shipping labels directly from the BigCommerce control panel.

A recent survey of BigCommerce merchants found that only 50 percent are satisfied with their existing shipping solution. Purpose built for the platform, BigCommerce Shipping uniquely enhances existing functionality through a deeply integrated, in-product experience designed to holistically address the most common shipping scenarios without increasing costs or operational complexity.

“Shipping represents one of the most influential parts of the ecommerce experience. Not only can it impact a merchant’s bottom line, but it has the ability to influence a customer’s opinion of the brand. BigCommerce Shipping helps businesses make shipping a competitive advantage,” says Jimmy Duvall, chief product officer at BigCommerce. “Our robust ecosystem of partners are vital to customers’ ability to solve complex shipping requirements, and this new offering gives merchants yet another option to leverage the rates and processes that work best for their specific business needs and customers.”

Id 37505 Ap2373422454158765

With BigCommerce Shipping, merchants will have the opportunity to benefit from:

  • Increased margins. By offering heavily discounted shipping rates with some of the nation’s leading carriers – including USPS, FedEx and DHL Express — and providing a bulk-label printing solution that automatically chooses the best carrier for each box, BigCommerce Shipping helps lower costs, improving shipping margins and businesses’ bottom line.
  • Enhanced customer experience. From dynamic, accurate rates calculated directly in the shopping cart to real-time shipping updates, BigCommerce Shipping enables merchants to improve conversion and build brand loyalty by offering shoppers a better shipping experience.
  • Streamlined shipping operations. With BigCommerce Shipping, merchants can compare rates, print labels, manage orders and reconcile shipping bills from a single dashboard. Additionally, included analytics give merchants deeper insights into year-over-year shipping trends, in-depth shipping costs and ways to better optimize packaging, carrier relations and customer relations.

BigCommerce’s investment in an open platform for customers and partners is proving valuable for both its merchant and partner communities. BigCommerce Shipping is the result of two partners, ShipHawk and Parcelcast, developing on top of BigCommerce’s newest shipping APIs, which allow any shipping and fulfillment company to plug into BigCommerce and provide shipping rates or quotes. This partner-led solution exemplifies BigCommerce’s commitment to working with partners to build the tools and solutions needed by merchants, and serves as a complement to existing shipping options.

Currently in beta, BigCommerce Shipping is expected to be available to US-based merchants by the end of Q1 2019, with international access expected to open later in the year. 

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