Infor Delivers Major Enhancement To Configure Price Quote

The enhancements include a customizable user experience to increase revenues, improve quote to order close rates, and accelerate brand loyalty.

NEW YORK — Infor, an industry cloud company, on Tuesday announced significant enhancements to the user interface of Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) to help customers increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate their brand. The new personalization capability allows organizations to differentiate themselves quickly and easily in their markets with visual layout design and custom style functionality. The ability for customers to personalize the configuration and quoting experience themselves allows for tailored content and presentation of the CPQ process to the specific needs of a sales channel, distributor or end user. Infor CPQ is designed to provide a seamless, customized experience for the end user to encourage repeat use for future business needs.

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Formerly known as Infor Product Configuration Management (PCM), Infor CPQ is a visual product configurator solution that is specifically designed to help manufacturers and distributors that design, sell and market configured products and/or services through distribution channels. The product is created to meet the unique business challenges of various industries with greater speed and accuracy. Infor CPQ provides an easy to use, image-driven solution to help users track processes in a unified format, from quotation through order delivery.

"Configure, price and quote (CPQ) tools have historically been deployed with a focus on internal sales efficiency. However, organizations started opening up their sales environment, providing CPQ tools to partners and customers. The ability of customers to personalize their experience, with greater transparency, helps them to better engage with organizations," said Praveen Sengar, Gartner.

There are two major components of the user experience. The first is the ability to establish custom layouts that can vary by role and device and apply them to a rule set for creating a compelling experience. The second aspect of this personalized interface is to incorporate an organization's themes and styles sheets within the layout for enhanced branding consistent with the organization's go-to-market channels.

"By enabling the guided selling and visualization experience to be tailored to the context needed by the end user, through new rules and custom layouts, organizations can drive adoption while improving their bottom line", said David Cahn, director, CPQ Product Management, Infor. "The ability to personalize the configuration user experience is about making a relevant connection to an individual."

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