Webinar Explores Supply Chain Organization & Change Management Strategies

A May 24 Webinar reveals the most successful strategies and practices for organizing process, people and technology . . .

May 24 Tompkins Supply Chaincast: Learn How to Organize the Management of Demand Volatility, Risk, & Flexibility Across End-to-End Supply Chains


RALEIGH, NC, May 15, 2012 — Today’s ever-changing business landscape requires adaptability across supply chain functions.

A May 24 Tompkins Supply Chaincast, Transforming the Supply Chain Organization for Increased Value Creation, reveals the most successful strategies and practices for organizing process, people and technology.

“Supply chain leaders and C-level executives frequently ask how to best organize their supply chain people and processes,” says Gene Tyndall, EVP of Tompkins International and co-presenter. “With today’s demand-driven supply chains and fast-paced global environments, companies must constantly change to stay on top. It’s more than continuous improvement. It’s continuous improvement with a constant eye on the horizon throughout the end-to-end supply chain.” 

Attendees will learn answers to questions such as:

  • How is the supply chain organization impacted as the executive suite becomes more interested in supply chains?
  • How are demand-driven strategies changing supply chain organizations?
  • What influence does fast-changing technology have on supply chain organizations?
  • What are supply chain organization trends? What are the trends for appointing chief supply chain officers?

The webinar will also examine the three primary organization models – functional, matrix, and process – and provide the knowledge and tools to implement effective ODCM strategies.

Brenda Enney, principal at Tompkins International and co-presenter, says planning for changes is vital to each link of the supply chain. “Companies are seeing the need to view their supply chains as a whole – one process impacts another. Now they are looking for ways to run all functions more smoothly and efficiently, while keeping the other areas in mind,” she adds.

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