IndustryPigeon Launches First Social Trade Network

The first network designed for industrial trade professionals is free for manufacturers, distributors, and others involved in the industrial commerce sector . . .

IndustryPigeon Launches First Social Trade NetworkTM for Industrial Trade Professionals

Co-workers and Enterprise Partners Meet, Share, and Transact at IndustryPigeon

Wilmington, NC - June 11, 2012 - IndustryPigeon, Inc. today launched, the world's first Social Trade Network designed for industrial trade professionals. The new platform integrates networking and collaboration tools with practical business applications to connect people in trade communities and facilitate their day-to-day workflow. IndustryPigeon is business personified, as it enables co-workers, trade partners, industrial marketers and others in the extended enterprise to develop personal relationships, and discover new business contacts and products. Users can also communicate and share information, and collaborate with each other on invoices, purchase orders, inventory and other transactional processes. The service is free of charge for manufacturers, distributors, manufacturer representatives, service providers, and other professionals involved in the industrial commerce sector.

"Companies still cope with poor communication vehicles and process disruptions, especially when collaborating with customers, vendors, and other trading partners. The development of IndustryPigeon was motivated by those inefficiencies consuming a lot of valuable time and money," states Robert Preville, IndustryPigeon President and CEO. "IndustryPigeon addresses the complexities of manufacturing and selling industrial products, while connecting people within their respective trade verticals, supply chains, and distribution channels. The result is a social trade network with commercial-grade technology that puts people back into the business equation."

Meet at IndustryPigeon
At, users can invite business colleagues to join their network. They can also search the social trade platform for personal industry contacts as well. To classify each contact, the user chooses from a list of business relationship types - customer, vendor, manufacturer representative, employee, etc. To maximize trade connections and industry knowledge, users can "follow" industries such as apparel, consumer electronics, mechanical parts, measurement, tools and much more. IndustryPigeon intuitively recommends business connections of potential value for each individual user based on industry followers and how industrial trades correlate to each other.

Share at IndustryPigeon users communicate via Pigeon Post, which is a private conversation between two or more users. A discussion can be held with a single contact, a group of contacts (example: user, customer and industry rep), all connections of a relationship type (example: co-workers or customers), or all followers of a specific industry. Information or conversations are not unconditionally shared with a user's connections, unless specified on the Pigeon Post. Users can collaborate and share industry information, events, press releases, videos, tutorials, and news for a particular industry. Users always know exactly who they are sharing with on

Transact at IndustryPigeon offers handy a-la-carte applications such as Task Pigeon, Distributor Locator, Event Promoter and Purchase Order Tracker for collaborating on transactional processes such as invoices and purchase orders or Social tools that help you find new distributors or promote industry events. Users can easily customize their interface by activating these applications, which in turn, add functionality to perform a specific process or workflow. For instance, Purchase Order Tracker gives Industrial buyers the ability to track and collaborate on their order with a vendor from the order's creation to a product's arrival, collecting pertinent information such as sales order numbers and an anticipated ship date.

About IndustryPigeon Inc.
IndustryPigeon, Inc. developed the world's first Social Trade Network serving industrial trade professionals including manufacturers, technical sales people, manufacturer's reps, distributors, service providers, industrial buyers and others in related professions. intelligently assimilates social media concepts with practical business applications for industry professionals who seek strategic business connections, communications, and collaboration within their company and extended enterprise. Established in 2011, IndustryPigeon's worldwide headquarters is located in Wilmington, NC. For more information, call (860) 399-1147 or visit


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