First-Ever Flammable, Automated Vending Cabinet

Features built-in automated inventory control and product tracking.

Chem Product 1

Automated inventory solutions manufacturer SecuraStock (Cleveland, Ohio) introduces SecuraCHEM, the first and only flammable vending machine with built-in automated inventory control and product tracking. 

Built to the highest quality certifications, including NFPA & OSHA standards, the six-foot tall CHEM machine utilizes a patented “fusible link” designed to automatically close and secure its doors when exterior temperatures reach a certain degree, protecting both the hazardous chemicals inside the machine and employees in the event of a fire or catastrophic event. 

CHEM joins an ever-growing list of affordable, fully-patented machines from SecuraStock that use magnetized corrosion-proof bins instead of the traditional coils, motion-sensing security cameras and monitors that integrate with their proprietary software so customers can track and secure their inventory from anywhere. 

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