BAE Systems, Eaton Test Electric Drive Technology on Commercial Truck

It uses a reduced number of components, cables and connections.

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BAE Systems

BAE Systems and Eaton successfully tested their integrated electric drive system for medium- and heavy-duty commercial trucks. Using this technology, existing truck models can be adapted across various zero-emission applications, improving efficiency, performance, and flexibility.

Testing occurred at Eaton’s proving grounds in Marshall, Michigan on a Class 7 demonstration vehicle. The vehicle met key on-road performance goals, including gradeability and highway speed, all within a single electric vehicle (EV) system. The compact system helps increase electrical efficiency and reduce vehicle weight.

“Our robust solution is built on proven technology to meet the unique demands of EV trucks,” said Bob Lamanna, vice president and general manager of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems. “This integrated approach simplifies the complex electric drive system for trucks and commercial vehicles.” 

BAE Systems’ electric motor and suite of modular power electronics is combined with Eaton’s MD 4-speed EV transmission to create a system for commercial vehicles. It can also be fitted with Eaton’s HD-4 EV transmission, offering a full line of electric drive systems for commercial trucks above 19 tons.

The BAE Systems and Eaton system gives original equipment manufacturers a durable and optimized electric drive solution for a wide range of platforms. Due to unique architecture, it uses a reduced number of components, cables, and connections, saving space and weight on the vehicle. The complete system simplifies the integration process, improves reliability, increases value, and lowers overall cost.

BAE Systems’ electric drive technology builds on more than 25 years of innovation that powers low- and zero-emission platforms on land and sea, including battery electric, fuel cell, and hybrid electric vehicles. The company has more than 17,000 propulsion systems operating in transit buses, boats, military, and industrial vehicles across the globe with over five billion miles of proven performance.

The BAE Systems demonstration truck will be on display at the 2024 ACT Expo. BAE Systems’ electric propulsion technology is developed, manufactured, and serviced at its facilities in Endicott, New York, Rochester, U.K., and Guaymas, Mexico.

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