Indian Lubricants Manufacturer Mosil to Enter U.S. Market

Company officials said it would initially focus on direct customers and new distributors.

Mosil Logo Png

MOSIL announced the opening of the U.S. market for the MOSIL line of synthetic and specialty lubricants with a focus on direct customers and new distributors.

Synthetic and specialty greases — based on PAO, PG, silicones, esters and mineral oils — anti-seize compounds, API 6A valve sealants, lubricating oils — such as gear oils and chain oils — aerosol manufacturing, anti-friction coatings, corrosion preventive formulations, and cleaners will be the products of focus.

"I am especially excited to bring the extensive line of top-quality greases to the U.S. market. Customers and distributors will clearly see the performance and pricing advantages they can have with MOSIL lubricants," said Todd Cawley, CEO of DNL Chemical

"Development of new products and a continuous urge to improve the performance of existing products has always been a passion for the team of R&D professionals equipped with sophisticated instruments at MOSIL," said MOSIL Lubricants Director Samvar Mavani. "With our Quadra approach to selling, we look forward to bringing our customers in the U.S.A. the same competitive advantages with our products and R&D focus "

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