Video: Amazon Completes First Retail Drone Delivery In 13 Minutes

On Dec. 7, an Amazon Prime Air drone delivered an Amazon Fire TV stick and a bag of popcorn to a Cambridge, U.K. man's home, with the process taking only 13 minutes from order click to package arrival.

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Drone delivery is officially under way.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in a Tweet Tuesday morning that Amazon Prime Air completed its first customer delivery by drone on Dec. 7, with an Amazon Fire TV stick and a bag of popcorn delivered to a Cambridgeshire countryside man's home in the U.K.

Amazon says the process took 13 minutes from the customer's order click to arriving at his residence. Amazon posted a video on Tuesday showing footage of the event. The video shows the drone taking off from a custom-built fulfillment center nearby, flying over fields and dropping off the box of items just outside the customer's home.

The customer was one of two who agreed to be part of the pilot program for Amazon.

Amazon has previously stated that packages must weigh five pounds or less and can only deliver during the day in good weather.

Here's Bezos' Tweet from Tuesday:

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