Reid Supply To Become Essentra Components

Reid Supply's parent company, Filtrona plc, is kicking off a re-branding campaign to wrap all of its entities under one cohesive brand umbrella.

Muskegon, MI - Reid Supply's parent company, Filtrona plc, re-branded as Essentra plc on June 26, 2013.  Reid Supply's business will rename to Essentra Components to be finalized by December 31, 2013.

Essentra, an abstract name, was specifically chosen to capture what each of Filtrona’s businesses, including Reid Supply, manufactures and supplies; namely, millions of small but essential components which often play a critical enabling role in the products of our customers, everywhere and every day. The selection of a new brand for Filtrona has taken over a year of planning, extensive research and testing, and it is considered that the new identity of Essentra best represents the company’s activities and products

As part of its Vision 2015 strategy, Filtrona has progressively been creating a more unified culture, working together in a more co-ordinated way across the company so as to leverage the Group’s collective skills and capabilities more effectively. The Essentra brand will be adopted by each of Filtrona’s businesses, representing a change from the current situation where the Filtrona name and logo is used by some but not all. As such, Filtrona’s re-branding to Essentra is an important and logical milestone on the Company’s path to achieving its Vision 2015 objectives.

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