WinWholesale Opens Winwater In Bentonville, Arkansas

The new Winwater location serves Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

DAYTON, Ohio β€” WinWholesale Inc., one of the largest distributors in the United States, has opened Northwest Arkansas Winwater in Bentonville, Ark., to provide general, municipal and utility contractors with PVC pipe, valves, water hydrants, drainage systems and other products.

WinWholesale is the majority shareholder in the new company that serves northwest Arkansas, southern Missouri and eastern Oklahoma. The company provides Northwest Arkansas Winwater with support services such as accounting, payroll, IT and marketing.

β€œStephen Leach, the Northwest Arkansas Winwater president, has worked the last 10 years in two other Winwater companies in Arkansas and knows the business well,” said Monte Salsman, WinWholesale chief operating officer. β€œHe’s the on site owner at his company and is the one who makes the decisions on how best to serve his customers.”

There are 560 WinWholesale locations across the United States serving the residential and commercial construction and industrial markets with supplies and materials.

WinWholesale is a leading supplier of residential and commercial construction and industrial supplies and materials headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. The privately-held company has 560 wholesaling locations in 45 states and offers entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to own part of the local business. 

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