ID Index Surges Forward

Grainger was up over eight points on the week, and four companies had gains greater than two points on the week.

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This week shows the most explosive growth for the ID Index in two months. Up a total of 23.90 points on the week, the Index keeps rising. Only three companies were down on the week, and only for a total of 1.58 points between them.

One disclaimer: Please consider that market values may have changed slightly since the close of business on Wednesday, March 14, 2012.

A week ago, the ID Index came in at 762.22 after losing 1.25 points, on the heels of the previous week’s gain of 5.18. As of Wednesday, March 14, 2012, the index is up a significant 23.90 points for a total value of 786.11.

W.W. Grainger (GWW) continues its lead of the index, jumping over eight dollars this week to a total of 216.18. Houston Wire & Cable Company (HWCC) remains the lowest valued stock in the index coming in at 13.50 points after a loss of .90 on the week. They now trail Rexel  SA (RXL) by almost 3 points, doubling the gap from last week. In comparison, Ford Motor Company was trading at 12.90, Panasonic at 8.96, and Nokia at 5.03, with Ford and Panasonic gaining .49 and .19 points, respectively.

This week’s biggest loss comes from Houston Wire & Cable (HWCC), dropping only .90 on the week, counting for over half of the total loss of the Index.  The largest gain: Grainger, again, with a gain of 8.20 on the week. Two other companies were over 3.00 in gains (MSC Industrial & WESCO), and two were over 2.00 (Anixter & DXP Enterprises).

Other economic data worth noting:

  • $1 = 0.76 Euros, up slightly on the week.
  • A gallon of regular gas is averaging $3.83 in the U.S., compared with $3.57 a year ago.
  • Crude oil is currently trading at $105.33, versus $106.86/barrel last week, down slightly again.
  • Natural gas is currently at $2.28/BTU.
  • Gold is at $1659.50/Troy ounce, down almost $40.00 since last week.
  • Copper is at $3.90/pound.

The ID Index is comprised of your publicly-traded peer companies that we can track in offering some insight on the comparative health of industrial distribution. All of these companies are found in our Big 50, with their rankings ranging from #3 to #32. Each week we’ll offer a look at how the index performed collectively, as well as individually. Additional, pertinent economic data will also be included from time to time.




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