National Automation Services Expands Footprint In Oil And Gas Market

National Automation Services, Inc. (OTCQB: NASV) has methodically transitioned into a larger, more diversified domestic oil and gas services provider in 2014. With one acquisition already under its belt and two others in the process of joining the company, NAS is expanding its footprint to compete in an oil and gas industry that's booming in the U.S. and that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

The benefit to investors, of course, is that at the same time NAS is growing its reach, the company is also growing its bottom line. When NAS combines the revenue produced by its 3 2014 acquisition targets, it can turn itself into a $43 million revenue generating company once the final two acquisitions are finalized.

The plan has been to use strategic acquisitions to establish NAS as one of the "go-to" oilfield service providers in the industry by offering a wider range of services to a much longer list of oil and gas companies. The timing couldn't be more perfect either. Just as the US is enjoying a stronger commitment to oil and gas development, NAS is enhancing its reach to service the industry.

The company's plan to add diversity in products and services to its current and future clients, started with JD Field Services earlier this year, and then expanded even further when the company began the acquisition process on two additional companies, Mon-Dak Tank, Inc. and Devoe Contracting.

JD Field Services, a rig moving services and trucking company, services over 200 customers nationwide including Weatherford, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, QEP Resources, EOG Resources, Newfield and SM Energy.

Meanwhile, Mon-Dak Tank, Inc. specializes in the construction and maintenance of new tank farms and collection systems for oil wells. And, Devoe Contracting, which is located in Colorado near the oil and gas-rich Niobrara formation, provides completion construction-related services to the industry.

When these latest acquisition targets officially fall under the NAS umbrella, the three companies will give NAS a presence and a combined network of customers that should allow each acquisition to enjoy significant growth in many of the Western U.S. states where fields rich in recoverable oil and natural gas are prevalent; including, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and North and South Dakota. 

Again, timing is everything and the company's growing strength in the industry comes at a time when the Department of Energy's, Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts natural gas production will grow steadily over the next 30 years, rising 56 percent from 2012 to 2040. The EIA also predicts the US will export more energy and import less over that same time period. In the US, the EIA says we can expect the net import share of US energy consumption to drop to as little as 4 percent by 2040.

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