Seafood Processor Faces Injunction for Fly Infestation, Filthy Conditions

Investigators observed dead and living flies "too numerous to count."

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice took action to shut down seafood processor Felix Custom Smoking.

The company is accused of selling adulterated ready-to-eat seafood products, including fish jerky and smoked salmon.

In 2021, FDA inspectors visited the company's facility in Monroe, WA and found a significant fly infestation and other filthy conditions.

They observed dead and living flies "too numerous to count."

Inspectors took multiple samples from the facility and found harmful bacteria in and around food preparation areas.

Genetic testing found that the same strain of bacteria had been present in the facility since at least 2018.

On August 27, 2021, the FDA issued a public health alert for consumers not to purchase or eat any seafood products sold or processed by Felix Custom Smoking

Now, the FDA wants an injunction that would require Felix to comply with federal food safety regulations before processing or distributing any more seafood.

Felix not only processes its own product, but also provides services to commercial and sports fishermen.

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