Judge Tells Crypto Plant to Quiet Down

Residents tried to get the city to overturn its approval of the plant.

A cryptocurrency company has set up shop on the front lawn of a natural gas plant in North Tonawanda, New York.

Digihost reportedly bought the power plant last year for $3.5 million, planning to use its electricity for data mining.

Since then, several residents have voiced concern over the operation, citing the noise levels.

They went so far as to file a lawsuit in hopes of getting the city to overturn its approval of the plant.

A judge recently dismissed the suit, saying the plaintiffs didn’t have standing to sue, though he did offer a suggestion to Digihost.

State Supreme Court Justice Frank A. Sedita III said “It would be a good idea to reduce the noise," because it “would be a decent thing to do."

A company spokesperson told The Buffalo News that Digihost “acted swiftly in mitigating the noise issue and will continue to monitor its impact." 

The article pointed out that the state Public Service Commission hasn’t yet voted on accepting the plant sale.

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