The Netherlands -iForks Touch is nextgen iForks: equipped with the RAVAS Touch screen indicator, it offers advanced functionality and different ways of connectivity with a WMS or ERP system. This new release from RAVAS demonstrates the advantages of integrated material flows and information flows, using iForks with built-in RFID-scanner:

  • Identification and weighing of pallets as part of the normal material flow: the forklift driver does not need to get off the truck to scan a pallet ID, and there are no more detours for weighing on a floor scale. Integrated handling, identification and weighing of palletized goods;
  • Automatic ID-scanning when driving into the pallet saves time and eliminates human errors;
  • Tracking & tracing of pallets throughout the supply chain;
  • An RFID-tag is less vulnerable than a barcode.

iForks Touch is equipped with the RAVAS Touch screen indicator, it offers higher accuracy, more user friendliness, and extra, sophisticated functions. The touch screen indicator has a programmable user interface for optimal user friendliness. The touch screen leads the user through the application in a clear and unequivocal way. Different scale applications can be called up over the touch screen: Weighing, Data inputs, Totalizing, etc. The display only shows those keys which are relevant to the app in use. iForks Touch also offers extra connectivity options: the Touch indicator has two available COM ports, so both a wireless connection and a printer can be installed. The indicator also has a USB port, for universal off-line data storage on a USB stick.  

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