Smart Step Anti-Fatigue Matting

Industrial users will benefit from the solid construction, lay-flat design and color assortment.

Wearwell Sized

Wearwell (Nashville, TN) announces the addition of Smart Step anti-fatigue matting by Wellness Mats.

Smart Step anti-fatigue mats are made in the USA, using 100% polyurethane for durability, resilience and long-lasting comfort. Unique from traditional sponges, ergonomic mats made using polyurethane offer greater wear-resistance resilience, and overall durability. Smart Step mats are manufactured in a single process creating molded bevels that are guaranteed to lay flat. The quality material and solid construction make Smart Step mats ideal for standing workstations and sit-stand desks. Additionally:

  • Smart Step is available in different surface patterns and colors to appeal to both industrial and non-industrial environments.
  • For manufacturing and distribution, Smart Step is available in an easy-to-clean smooth surface or a higher-traction diamond-plate pattern. 
  • Unique to Smart Step, these mats are offered with yellow borders on all four sides for safety and visibility. 
  • To reduce mat movement, Smart Step matting has the option of a dual-grip base to keep mats from sliding out of place on hard, slick floors. 
  • Smart Step is available in contemporary colors that coordinate with those commonly used in interior design.

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