Morse Revamps Reciprocating Saw Blade Lineup

The change reduces inventory and simplifies blade selection process.


Morse (Canton, OH) is launching a new lineup of reciprocating saw blades. Effective June 1, the reciprocating saw blade portfolio will move from a name-based convention to an application-based selection.

The Heavy Duty (HD) bi-metal line is the value option for price-conscious customers. The Professional (PRO) bi-metal line targets performance-driven customers, while Professional Carbide (PRO-CT) carbide-tipped blades will serve performance-driven customers with hard-to-cut applications. The Specialty (SP) line features multiple application-specific blades with alternative cutting edges – carbide grit, diamond grit, plaster, and pallet options.

In the past, Morse featured an array of reciprocating saw blade brands, including Master Cobalt, Renovator, Havoc, Pipe Boss, Auto Salvage, and more. The four new categories allow Morse to be easier to do business with. The streamlined program delivers quicker blade selection and less inventory while still cutting the same wide range of materials.

Implementation of the new lineup will be a rolling change as inventory is depleted. Select part numbers will have adjustments, although overall, part numbers will remain unchanged. Discontinued items will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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