Industrial-Strength Cleaning Solution for Heavy Scale, Rust

The New CLR PRO MAX Industrial Descaler is developed to tackle heavy duty scale build up and rust with power and speed.

Clr Sized

Jelmar, LLC (Chicago, IL) the family-owned and women-owned manufacturer of home and industrial cleaning product lines, CLR Brands, CLR PRO and Tarn-X, has announced the launch of a new industrial cleaning product CLR PRO MAX Industrial Descaler. The cleaner is specifically engineered to deliver faster, deeper results and dissolve and eliminate scale and rust build up from drains and industrial equipment that heats and cools liquids. 

The increased cleaning power and speed of CLR PRO MAX Industrial Descaler delivers improved operational efficiency of industrial equipment, resulting in overall improved energy consumption and utility savings. It achieves this by reducing buildup, which, if present, is known to block water flow, cause pressure drops, and reduce heat transfer efficiency, resulting in the equipment working harder for longer. CLR PRO MAX Industrial Descaler boasts the capability to help restore equipment to peak condition, ultimately preserving and prolonging the lifespan of costly industrial machinery.

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