Allied Electronics & Automation Supplies Norgren Pneumatic Products

Providing reliable, robust durability and standards compliance in a variety of industrial applications.

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FORT WORTH, Texas – Allied Electronics & Automation, a trading brand of RS Group plc, supplies more than 1,600 ready-to-ship pneumatic products from Norgren, a leading global supplier of innovative engineering solutions optimized for the high-precision motion control and fluid power markets.

Pneumatic systems harness the energy generated by the controlled release of compressed air to power applications including pushing, lifting, gripping, punching and vacuum devices employed in the industrial automation, food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing, oil and gas, public utility, transportation, commercial vehicle, medical and construction industries.

Norgren designs and manufactures an extensive portfolio of pneumatic products engineered to provide high-reliability performance and robust durability in a wide range of application environments — including those exposed to extreme temperatures, corrosive materials and dirt and dust — and compliant with relevant National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifications. Key components of pneumatic systems manufactured by Norgren and in stock at Allied include:

  • Air compressors and pumps, which provide a continuous flow of compressed air at the required pressure.
  • Air preparation and treatment products, such as the pneumatic filters, pneumatic lubricators, pneumatic regulators, air filter regulators, air dryers and drains, air pressure boosters and related accessories that deliver the high-quality compressed air required to carry out work and ensure efficient operation.
  • Vacuum generators and ejectors, which quickly generate the level of vacuum needed to handle objects, have short cycle times and are generally used in conjunction with vacuum accessories including vacuum pad assemblies.
  • Instrumentation including pressure and vacuum switches, which both sense pressure changes and respectively detect mechanical force and regulate the vacuum flow between two spaces, and pressure and vacuum gauges, which provide the constant monitoring and measurement necessary to ensure efficient operation.
  • Tubing, which is used to move pressurized air through pneumatic systems, tube fittings, which are used to connect tubing to other elements of the system and maintain a continuous flow of power to the system’s end process, and fitting accessories like panel mounts, cable grips and conduit.
  • Valves, which are used to control the pressure, volume and direction of pressurized air as it flows through the system.
  • Mufflers and silencers, which are a straightforward and cost-effective way to safely vent pressurized air into the atmosphere to reduce the excessive noise generated by pneumatic air exiting an exhaust.
  • Pneumatic actuators, which are used to generate the linear or rotary motion and force required to move a piston and power the end process, such as a pushing, lifting, gripping, punching or vacuum device, and actuator accessories including spool assemblies and piston seal kits.

“Pneumatic actuators provide alternatives to electric actuators and motors and are typically used to power devices that handle relatively small, lightweight loads since pneumatic systems produce less force than hydraulic systems,” said Dietmar Grün, product manager, of motion control and actuators at Norgren. “But that doesn’t make them any less vital to the many industries they’re employed in. In fact, due to a combination of the relatively low cost required to maintain pneumatic systems and engineering advancements including corrosion-resistant seals that help prevent leaks, the application range for pneumatic systems is now comparable to that of the electric automated systems also used to handle smaller loads.”

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