An Open Letter Regarding The Election From AD’s CEO

AD shares an internal association letter that CEO Bill Weisberg sent to members regarding his thoughts on the Presidential Election result and what it means for distributors going forward.

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Bill Weisberg, AD’s Chairman & CEO, sent the following internal company message to the AD associates in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Based on the response it received, the association wanted to share it with others. 

Good morning!

The outcome of the recent election has resulted in a wide range of emotions. Some people are highly encouraged; some are fearful and concerned. This is true within our company, within the many communities we live across this country and for our friends in Canada and Mexico.

No one can say for sure what changes lie ahead. But I am not fearful. I have great faith in the American people.  We are much better than how we are portrayed on TV! 

The politics of a democratic nation don’t travel in a straight line. It’s a winding road, with twists and turns, in search of middle ground. I encourage all of us to be sensitive to the feelings of others and respectful of our differing perspectives.  We have a lot we can teach each other. Talking is good. Listening is better. Somewhere “in the middle” lies the answer. 

Bill Weisberg, AD Chairman and CEOBill Weisberg, AD Chairman and CEO

From a business perspective I am cautiously optimistic. Our country hasn’t been growing much the last many years.  Government regulation and policies have been burdensome, rather than helpful. And without good growth it’s hard for wages to rise and people to prosper.  

If you look at our company’s results over the past many years, a huge portion of our growth has come from business development (not the economy). In other words, new members, suppliers and new divisions. That’s been a good thing. But it’s not as good as when the general economy grows and our existing members and suppliers and their people prosper. Organic growth is what drives prosperity. 

Some of the policies proposed by the winning candidate have the potential to spur growth. Some have the potential to be harmful. It’s too early to know what will be implemented and what will result. But certainly, the recent rise in copper prices and financial markets suggest that change is welcome. Many business people (including myself) are more optimistic today than we were earlier this year. And that is a good thing for the working men and women of this country — and for our friends and neighbors in Canada and Mexico. 

However this plays out in the years ahead, we will manage through it. And to the extent that we see or hear of anyone treating an AD associate or neighbor with disrespect (for any reason) we need to have each other’s backs. Why? Because, Together We Win. 

Bill Weisberg

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