Security Breach: The Impressive and Terrifying Evolution of Ransomware Gangs

How hackers are targeting ERP systems and automating more attacks.

Adding to the data supporting a surge in cyber-criminal activity is the FBI Crime Compliant Center’s most recent Internet Crime Report.

The IC3 data shows that while the number of reported complaints actually dipped by about five percent last year, the financial losses directly attributed with Ransomware, Phishing and other attacks increased by 49 percent – totaling over $10.3 billion.

The report goes on to state that, “we know not everyone who has experienced a ransomware incident has reported to the IC3." The report also called out the top three ransomware groups as LockBit, Blackcat, and Hive – none of which are new to the Security Breach audience.

These hacks, and the hackers involved, are all to familiar to JP Perez-Etchegoyen. He serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Onapsis, a leading provider of integrated cybersecurity offerings. In this episode he offers an in-depth look at new challenges and solutions focused on the ransomware pandemic. 

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