Security Breach: Why Phishing Schemes Continue to Flourish

A look at what the industrial sector needs to do to increase worker awareness in responding or, more importantly, not reacting to these attacks.

In this episode we welcome Theo Zafirakos, the Chief Information Security Officer at Terranova Security, to discuss is company's recently report indicating that the success of phishing schemes continues to escalate. Their findings include data showing that:

  • Nearly one in every five end users (19.8 percent) who received a phishing simulation email clicked on the initial message’s phishing link. 
  • 14.4 percent of all end users failed to recognize the simulation’s resulting webpage as unsafe,  and clicked on the malicious file’s download link.
  • This means that the number of initial clickers who ended up downloading the phishing simulation’s webpage file exceeded 70 percent. 

The growing number of remote workers, combined with the amount of personal and enterprise-level data that can be obtained makes the industrial sector an increasingly appealing target. 

Going forward, the security firm feels that the industrial sector will need to do more to increase worker awareness of these attacks in understanding how to respond, or more importantly, how not to react to the messages these attackers use.

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