DDS Announces Digital Alliance

The partner program helps accelerate digitization of construction and industrial distribution businesses.

DDS (Distributor Data Solutions), the leading provider of e-commerce-ready product content to construction and industrial distribution industries, has announced the launch of its Digital Alliance program to recognize and recommend service providers focused on delivering exceptional online customer experiences throughout the distribution channel.

The goal behind the DDS Digital Alliance is to provide helpful resources and expertise to DDS customers, which include distributors, manufacturers, and other professionals serving the electrical, lighting, solar, plumbing, HVAC, tool, industrial supply, and automation industries.

Since the company’s inception, DDS’ mission has been to help offer choices and solutions for distributors’ unique e-commerce and e-customer initiatives based upon their individual needs—not a one-size-fits-all model—thus helping them develop their competitive advantage to retain existing customers and utilize their online initiatives to take market share.

“Basically, we want to bring the same level of customer experience that you find with leading e-commerce sites to this vastly under-served, but globally critical market,” says Matt Christensen, DDS president .

As one of the industry’s most tech-savvy solution experts, DDS is often asked to recommend e-commerce platforms and related solutions that are complementary to its “next-generation” product content, which includes robust, e-commerce-ready product data for more than four million products across more than 880 manufacturer lines, and which they deliver with custom formatting for compatibility with any technology platform. 

“While having the best possible product content is critical to providing the right end-user experience, it’s just one part of a successful e-commerce strategy,” says Christensen. “You also have to have the right infrastructure, meaning a powerful but easy-to-administer platform, and go-to-market solutions that can further help companies achieve their individual goals.”

The DDS Digital Alliance currently includes recommended providers of e-commerce and business system platforms, ERP/pricing data and product imagery, plus strategic partners and marketing consultancies. These companies include IDEA, IMARK Group, Insite Software, ES Tech Group, Snap36, TradeTech Solutions, IMELCO, and Channel Marketing Group.

“We formed the Digital Alliance to recommend companies who are making a real difference in the industry and helping distributors and other channel partners move forward on the e-commerce/e-customer experience front,” says Christensen.

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