Q&A: B2B E-Commerce a 'Treasure,' Not a Threat

The "digital revolution" has been happening for 30 years. Are distributors behind?

E-commerce is a never ending process with many rewarding outcomes, but some companies struggle to get past the challenges. For certain distributors, their cultural history as low tech, face to face providers makes them reluctant to take the plunge. At risk, however, is the very survival of their businesses amid sophisticated digital competition.

Joining us today is Daniel Mester, Senior Solutions Engineer with Oro. Oro Inc. fuels digital transformation for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers with OroCommerce, the leading cloud-based B2B digital commerce solution, which is designed to enable B2B companies to increase sales while reducing costs.

And from Danielโ€™s perspective, there are many ways distributors can optimize digital transformation in order to be successful.

For more information, visit Oro at www.oroinc.com.

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