Q&A: The Business Case for Sustainable Products

Before sustainability was trendy, there was Sellars; how — and why — the company has gone all-in on green since 1985.

While sustainable objectives are certainly a popular talking point these days, it can difficult to evaluate the sincerity of the company behind the pledge – unless, of course, you’re dealing with a manufacturer who goes so far back with green initiatives that they beat the buzzword.

Such is the case with Sellars Absorbent Materials, a company born in 1985 that’s been at the forefront of recycling and reuse since the get-go. Sellars does so by producing high-performance wipes, shop towels and absorbents primarily from recycled natural fibers.

ID is joined by Tom Sellars, who has been CEO and chairman of the board of directors for Sellars Absorbent Materials for more than 20 years. He has been recognized as a Top 100 Impact CEO the last two years, and Sellars has been named a Top 100 Impact Company the last three years, as well as a recipient of the Green Jobs Award by the SJF Institute.

Tom Sellars truly walks the walk – also as a co-founder, investor, and board chairman of r.Cup, the leading re-use company that is eliminating single use plastic cups – and chats with us about how Sellars operates in an authentically sustainable way each and every day.

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