How Distributors Can Compete with the B2B E-Commerce Giants

In a market where big B2B e-commerce players dominate, it’s understandable why smaller distributors may feel like the odds are stacked against them. Large online distributors and B2B e-commerce companies have strong buying power, big budgets, and solid marketing campaigns in their favor. Unfortunately, despite these challenges, you need to get in the e-commerce game to remain relevant and successful.

B2B buyers have been increasingly going online to make purchases, and this surged in recent years because of the pandemic. According to HubSpot, when COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic in March 2020, B2B website traffic took off and continues to climb month by month – currently 83% higher than pre-COVID traffic. As a result, digital commerce is no longer just a nice-to-have. It is a must-have for distributors to compete against the giants in today’s hypercompetitive digital world of B2B commerce.

While competing with these big players may seem like a daunting task, as a smaller distributor, you have unique qualities, advantages, and assets that can make you a formidable competitor. The key is to know what they are and how to use them to succeed.

Today we are joined by Bob DeStefano, president of SVM E-Marketing Solutions, who will explain how you can compete and prosper in the growing world of B2B e-commerce. Bob is a B2B digital marketing strategist, author, and professional speaker with more than 25 years of experience helping distributors and manufacturers grow their leads, sales, and profits online. Bob is a regular contributor to Industrial Distribution and serves as STAFDA’s endorsed Online Marketing Consultant. He also is the author of the book Old Dog, New Clicks: Online Industrial and B2B Marketing Know-How for the 21st Century.

Before we get started, I want to thank our sponsor BigCommerce. The leading provider of e-commerce for a new era, BigCommerce is trusted by tens of thousands of merchants in 150 countries.

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