Distributor with 1M+ Line Items Talks E-Commerce Trends, Tips

FleetPride's Ken Clinchy shares how the company has adapted to meet a changing supply chain.

It’s no secret that supply chain variability has continued to take businesses for a ride, impacting everything from pricing to availability in nearly every market. Compounding the challenge for many distributors is e-commerce – a platform that requires dead-on inventory accuracy and pricing, in order to meet customers where they are at any given time. That said, some businesses have put a lot of time and effort into uncovering how a robust e-commerce platform can actually improve your ability to meet customer needs.

FleetPride is the nation's largest independent distributor of heavy duty truck and trailer parts in the aftermarket, and with more than a million line items, the company has learned a great deal about how supply chain challenges can pose big risks to e-commerce and also how to make e-commerce work to your advantage. Joining us today is Ken Clinchy, FleetPride’s VP of digital, to provide a little detail on how the company has managed to adapt its e-commerce platform in the face of unprecedented supply chain uncertainty.

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