Epicor Distribution Industry Insights into ERP

In an age of unprecedented disruption, distributors are doubling down on their efforts to bring efficiency, consistency and cutting edge data capabilities to their operations.

And part of this means addressing gaps in their digital strategy. In ID’s latest survey of distributor operations, distributors who said pandemic-era business conditions were influencing their decisions to invest in technology were largely looking at areas of investment that include CRM, demand forecasting, warehouse automation, e-commerce functionality and – as an umbrella, of course – ERP.

But pinpointing solutions is one thing; evaluating objectives and, subsequently, success, are more nuanced. Recently, Epicor Software – a business software company with an established track record in distribution-specific solutions – surveyed distribution industry decision makers to help determine how businesses are managing today’s ERP landscape and what they need for the future of their businesses.

Since the distributors surveyed are seeing emerging pandemic-era business conditions settle into a new reality, Epicor sought to discover how their ERP journey is reflective of today’s landscape and what their partners can do to accelerate the value of their investment.

I’m Anna Wells,   of Industrial Distribution. Joining me today is ID editor, Andy Szal and we’re going to be discussing just a few highlights of Epicor’s latest comprehensive report on distribution industry insights into ERP.

To download the related white paper, visit www.inddist.com/ERPpartnerships.

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