5 Minutes with ID: Chris Dieringer, Chief Customer Officer for Flintfox

Flintfox is a global leader in intelligent pricing software. The company's on a mission to help distributors and wholesalers make incremental gains by expertly executing their pricing strategies, identifying opportunities for margin growth, enabling sales teams to generate bespoke prices on the spot as well as managing rebates and promotions with precision.

Flintfox's pricing engine simplifies complex manual processes, enabling businesses to do away with spreadsheets and save days worth of data crunching. By automating price and promotion management Flintfox gives customers the tools they need to drive profits, improve cash flow, and most importantly your margin. 

Joining us today is Chris Dieringer, Chief Customer Officer for Flintfox, and we’re here to chat about the role of tumultuous business conditions when it comes to pricing.

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