5 Minutes with Industrial Distribution: Mike Franz, ManufacturingPower

Why B2B needs to simplify the buying experience.

ManufacturingPower was founded by Mike Franz after he determined that the manufacturing industry had no way of objectively comparing prices for industrial supplies.

That means that manufacturers may be spending far more than they need to on tooling, fasteners, clean room supplies, packaging and much more.

It started as a software tool that allows manufacturers to anonymously share data and compare pricing. Through a network of data, this proprietary method is designed to save companies on their total industrial supply spend. 

We're all aware that the pandemic has caused changes in many aspects of business and how we go about business. As a result, end-users and distributors have asked ManufacturingPower to develop a digital product with a user interface that simplifies the buying experience.

Franz joins Industrial Distribution to discuss that product, as well as how "voice of customer" is driving changes in the industrial distribution experience.

For more information, visit www.manufacturingpower.com.

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