Amazon to Debut Drone Deliveries

Drones will deliver items to customers’ backyards.

Amazon announced it would begin deliveries using drones later this year. 

The service, Prime Air, will be introduced first in Lockeford, California. 

Once an item is purchased, a drone will deliver it to customers’ backyards. 

Drones will use a sense-and-avoid system that can identify static and moving obstacles in transit and when approaching the ground.

Amazon introduced the project in 2013 and has since created over two dozen prototypes. 

The latest version features a hexagonal design with six degrees of freedom and propellers that minimize high-frequency soundwaves. 

In March, Business Insider reported that Amazon autonomous delivery drones crashed at least eight times in 13 months. 

One crash during a test flight led to an acres-wide fire in Oregon in the summer of 2021.

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