Medical Service Company Introduces All-Electric Ambulance

A zero-emission ambulance will soon begin transporting patients in New York City.

DocGo announced it would begin using an all-electric ambulance to transport patients in New York City. 

According to DocGo, the ambulance is the first of its kind to be registered in the United States. 

The zero-emissions vehicle was designed in collaboration with Lightning eMotors and Leader Emergency Vehicles.

Its build started with a Ford Transit T350 Type II ambulance chassis and Lightning eMotors converted it to a battery-electric platform. 

The emergency vehicle uses a 120-kWh battery pack for up to 170 miles of per-charge driving and can travel at an electronically-limited speed of 65 miles per hour. 

DocGo, formerly Ambulnz, employs approximately 4,000 health professionals across the U.S. and provides last-mile mobile medical services.

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